High quality fire doors delivered to Nairobi, Kenya by Pesina Construction Ltd. company based in Istanbul, Turkey. For a high rise building investment in Nairobi, company selected Pesina as its supplier. That is for 53 units of fire doors with customized size and 2 hours of fire rating.

In order to fully comply with special requirements by Kenyan Government institutions and customs. Pesina awarded to comply with all requirements for Kenya. High quality fire doors will be installed to one of the most promising real estate projects in Nairobi, Kenya Africa.

With its wooden texture, steel framed doors will give a very good aesthetical view. And will be a complementary of beautiful interior architectural aspects.

Apart from other doors Fire Doors are quite special, because they save lives when it is necessary. So, 2 hour fire rating means it is durable to fire for 2 hours without collapsing or spreading fire. They also protect people evacuating from exits.

Cheap fire doors is also an option, it can also comply with certain regulations.

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