Box Profiles Roofing & Cladding Sheets

Box Profiles Roofing & Cladding Sheets

Box profile roofing & cladding sheets (or trapezoidal steel sheets) are made up of prepainted galvanized steel sheet. Both galvanizing (zinc) and prepainting will be very powerful against corrosion effect of the weather.

Box profile sheet has ribs which gives strength to the material due to increased moment of inertia. 27/200 box profiles has 27mm rib height with a 200mm span between ribs. In regions where no snow loads or negligible, it will be an economic solution. Coverage width of one panel is 1000mm. The length may vary from 2 meters to 12meters, or more but transportation mode should be taken into consideration.

Common prepaint colors are the following;

RAL9001, RAL 9010 (White)

RAL9006 (Grey)

RAL3000, RAL 3009 (Red)

RAL5010, RAL5015, RAL5002 (Blue)

RAL6021, RAL6002, RAL 6018 (Green)

RAL color pallette and international colors especially used in metal paints.

Box profiles roofing cladding sheets are used mostly in warehouses, steel structure, prefabricated buildings.

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